Dance Body Wear

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance body wear includes briefs, camisole bras, seamless boy cut shorts, body tights, body liners, or any article of clothing that is worn underneath a dance outfit or costume. Most dance wear brands provide body wear options in nude or different skin tone colors. The goal of wearing body wear is to provide the body with support and coverage underneath thin or revealing dance outfits.

Dance Body Wear Options

Dance body wear can be very helpful for dancers who need extra coverage under costumes or who are making frequent and quick costume changes for performances. Seamless body wear helps to minimize lines while it covers and supports. Many of the tops and bras have either nude or clear straps, so contrasting colors of straps will not show to an audience.

Body tights and body liners are popular forms of dance body wear. Both styles do not have an elastic band around the waist like briefs, so lines are minimized. Body tights are made from stretchy tight materials and are designed like a unitard. A Supplex Lycra blend is the most common material for body tights. Body liners are simply nude leotards with less visible seam lines. They also may differ from traditional leotards because some have interchangeable straps or clear straps that cannot be seen under a dance outfit.

Many body wear styles are made from high tech fabrics that breathe and allow sweat to escape from the body. For instance, the Body Wrappers camisole bra and brief set are made from Microfiber Coolmax. This patented fabric keeps dancers cool while stretching easily to provide comfortable wear. The Gilda Marx boy cut body wear briefs also use a microfiber blend for material and feature antibacterial properties as well.

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