Dance Briefs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance briefs are designed to be worn under dance skirts, costumes, cheerleading outfits, or dance performance dresses. When wearing briefs with a skirt, you will want to choose briefs that match the costume that you are wearing. If you are simply wearing briefs underneath a costume that won't be revealed to an audience, you may want to choose nude color briefs or a color that matches your skin tone.

Choices of Dance Briefs

Standard dance briefs have a low cut style with complete seat coverage. Briefs are also available in high cut and boy short styles. High cut briefs are similar to bikini bottoms and are typically worn by adults. Boy cut briefs are similar to tight spandex shorts and provide extra coverage. All styles of briefs have an elastic waistband that fits securely so briefs will stay in place.

Dance briefs can be found in a variety of colors, depending on the brand and style that you choose. Body Wrappers makes briefs for women and for children. Colors of Body Wrappers briefs include black, white, nude, gold, kelly green, forest green, orange, red, wine, purple, navy, royal blue, and carolina blue. Body Wrappers features a low cut brief style in sizes from small to extra extra large.

Capezio also makes a variety of brief styles and colors. Capezio briefs are available in the colors of black, white, ballet pink, dark green, kelly green, gold, red, purple, maroon, navy, royal blue, and cobalt. Capezio boy cut shorts have a slight drop waist compared to the brief styles. The boy cut shorts are available in the same colors as Capezio briefs, with the exception of gold and ballet pink.

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Ordered one for my 3 years old daughter. I oerdred 10EE for her, even though she wears size 9-9.5. It is a good fit with a little bit room left. I would recommend ordering 1 size bigger. It is good quality. The elastic band does not hurt the child.