Dance Clothes

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance clothes can be found in a variety of dance wear and active wear stores. If a dance wear store is not located near your home, you can shop for dance clothing on the Internet. It is usually a good idea to try clothes on before purchasing items, but this is not an option when you are shopping online. Fortunately, most dance wear websites will allow you to send items back and exchange them for different sizes if needed.

Styles of Dance Clothes

There are many different types of dance clothes that you can purchase for dance classes, auditions, or as costumes. Most dance apparel items are form-fitting so that dancers can show their technique and create beautiful lines of movement with their bodies. Baggy dance clothing is appropriate for hip hop classes, for warming up in different classes, and for some tap and jazz classes. Dance instructors will typically inform students if a dress code in dance attire is enforced for their classes.

Leotards and tights are the most common dance apparel items. They are often required in certain classes. For most ballet classes, a black leotard and pink tights is the required attire for every dancer in the class. Jazz, tap, and modern classes are more lenient with clothing styles and colors that can be worn in class. These dance styles also allow students to wear form-fitting pants or shorts in class instead of tights.

The most well-known makers of dance clothes include Capezio, Body Wrappers, Eurotard, Leo's, Danskin, Bal Togs, Bloch, and Mirella. Some companies, such as Capezio and Danskin, have existed since the late 1800s. Capezio, Bloch, and Leo's make popular collections of dance shoes in addition to collections of dance clothing.

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