Dance Jewelry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance jewelry is a popular accessory for dancers of all ages. Jewelry is typically not worn for dance classes since it can get in the way, catch on hair or clothing, and could possibly lead to injury. Dancers usually wear jewelry as a way to express themselves outside of dance class. They can choose jewelry items that show how much they love and appreciate the art form of dancing.

Dance Jewelry Options

Dance jewelry usually has a symbol of a dancer performing a special maneuver such as a grand jeté leap. Many jewelry items use words that relate to dancing, such as jazz, tap, ballet, dreams, dance, and brand names of dance wear. Some necklace pendants are simply metal plates with words inscribed into them. Pendants can be worn on leather or metal necklace chains, with stainless steel being the most popular choice.

A current jewelry trend involves using dance shoes or dance accessories as charms on necklaces and bracelets. For instance, a dancer who prefers the style of tap dancing may choose a miniature Tele Tone tap pendant on a necklace chain. Ballerinas may prefer to wear a necklace with pointe shoes or ballet slippers as a dangling pendant. Dancers who enjoy different styles of dance may want to purchase a charm bracelet and use charms that relate to each style of dance.

Key rings are another popular type of dance jewelry. They can be purchased separately to keep your keys together, or to use as an accessory for dance bags. Some dancers will also choose to use key rings as pendants on necklace chains. Similar to other dance pendants, key rings can be inscribed with words or may use a picture of a dancer.

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