Dance Supplies

Written by Jill Morrison
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A wide variety of dance supplies are available for different types of dancers. Some supplies are necessary purchases because certain styles of dance cannot be performed without them. Some supplies are simply available for additional help or to provide relief for dancers. However, most of the supplies available are simply accessories that are not needed for actual dance performances.

Types of Dance Supplies

Dance supplies that are necessary for dance performance are usually designed for ballerinas. Ballerinas need accessories for pointe shoes to cushion their feet, to prevent their shoes from slipping off their feet, and to provide extra support while dancing on their toes. Some of these items include toe pads, lamb's wool, toe tape, pointe shoe ribbon, shank tacks, and elastic bands.

Some supplies can be purchased for dancers with injuries, soreness, or tired muscles. A foot roller is an excellent tension reliever. Dancers can roll their feet on this product to relax tired muscles and to smooth out knots in their arches. Some supplies are designed for emergency situations, such as when a costume, shoe elastic, or dance outfit breaks. A stitch kit is a great accessory to keep in dance bags for these moments.

A plethora of dance supplies are available for those who are simply proud to be dancers. For instance, many dancers will purchase special dance bags, license plate frames, key chains, or jewelry to show others how much they enjoy dancing. Dancers can also purchase items such as frames, stationery, mugs, diaries, hats, t-shirts, and posters to show their love for dancing.

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