Dance Team Uniforms

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance team uniforms are used for competition dance teams in schools, dance studios, and for special extracurricular groups. All members of dance teams must wear matching costumes for performances. Most of the costume choices are very sparkly so they will stand out on stage. You can find uniforms for dance teams in dance wear stores, costume catalogs, and online.

Popular Brands of Dance Team Uniforms

The most well-known brands of dance team uniforms are Eurotard, Motionwear, and Body Wrappers. Eurotard makes slinky, metallic camisole dresses for women and young girls. Their dresses come with an attached leotard and are available in sizes from small to extra large. Eurotard dance team dresses are made from 94 percent metal acetate and six percent spandex. They are available in the colors of black, purple, and royal blue.

Motionwear makes two popular versions of skirts with trunks for women. The two styles are Rainfall and Bravo. Both are made from a plush, poly spandex velour blend and feature iridescent foils on the fabric. Rainfall skirts are available in the colors of raspberry, lime, mango, and blue raspberry. Bravo dresses are available in the colors of gold, blue, teal, and fuchsia.

Body Wrappers makes an extensive collection of dance team uniforms, including long sleeve dresses, low rise skorts, pull on skorts, square neckline dresses, slip dresses, tunic dresses, and velvet tunic dresses. Both types of Body Wrappers skorts feature solid black briefs that are attached underneath. The tunic dresses have side slits and Coolmax built-in bras. The long sleeve dress styles have mesh sleeves and skirts with Coolmax lining. They are available in red/black or black/blue colorings.

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