Dance Tights

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance tights are a necessary clothing item for most dancers. Pink ballet tights are a requirement for ballerinas in class as well as for performances. Tights are often worn in jazz, tap, lyrical jazz, and modern styles of dance classes, though many dancers will choose to wear dance pants instead. However, nude or black tights are almost always a required element in dance costuming.

Types of Dance Tights

There are three main styles of dance tights and they include footed, footless, and convertible tights. Footed tights are the standard style for ballet and for some other types of dance as well. Dance wear companies that make footed tights include Capezio, Bloch, Danskin, and Body Wrappers. Most of these tights are the hold and stretch style, made from a nylon and Lycra blend.

Footless tights allow performers to dance barefoot or to wear dance shoes without tights that cover their toes. It is often more comfortable for dancers to wear shoes without tights and it also allows toes to grip the inside of shoes to prevent slipping. Footless tights are available in the same colors as footed tights. They are also available in thicker materials, unlike standard hold and stretch footed tights.

Convertible tights are an excellent combination of footed and footless tights. They feature a hole in the arch of the footed area, so dancers can wear them as footed tights, or pull them up above their ankles. Many dancers enjoy wearing footed tights, but are eager to relieve their toes after dancing. With convertible dance tights, dancers can convert their tights into footless tights and change into street shoes directly after dancing.

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