Dance Wear

Written by Jill Morrison
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Proper dance wear and high-quality dance shoes are necessary tools for serious dancers. Dance attire can make a huge impact on the quality of a dance performance. Dancers need to wear clothing that is form-fitting and stretchy. This allows them to perform various types of movement without worrying about clothing getting in the way. Tight clothing is also necessary so that spectators can see the beautiful lines that are created by the bodies of dancers.

Baggy dance wear is only acceptable in certain circumstances. It can be worn while dancers are warming up as a way to keep muscles warm and to prevent injuries from occurring. Most dance instructors will encourage dancers to take off baggy clothing once bodies are warm in class. The only dance style that encourages the wearing of baggy clothing is hip hop.

Styles of Dance Wear

There are many different styles of dance wear to choose from, depending on the style of dance that you are performing. Leotards and tights are common dance apparel items for various styles of dance, especially for ballet. Most ballet classes require that students wear black leotards and pink tights for every class. Dance styles such as jazz, tap, and modern are more lenient on dance attire requirements for class.

Dance leotards are available in different colors and styles for women, men, and children. Women and young girls tend to purchase leotards more often than men because they can comfortably wear leotards for many different dance styles. Men will typically only wear leotards for strict ballet classes or ballet performances because they are not as comfortable as other types of dance clothes for men. Dance tights are typically available in the colors of black, white, nude, suntan, or pink. They can be purchased in full-footed, footless, stirrup, or convertible styles.

Exercise tops, shorts, and form-fitting pants may also be considered dance wear items. These clothing items are often made from stretchy materials such as Lycra, nylon, and cotton. Some brands of exercise wear use high-tech Coolmax materials that allow the skin to breathe and sweat to escape while continuing to keep muscles warm. These materials are desirable for dancers because it can be uncomfortable when sweat is trapped between skin and clothing fabric.

Warm-Ups and Dance Body Wear

Dance body wear includes dance wear items that are worn underneath dance outfits or costumes. Body wear items include unitards, body liners, body tights, camisole bras, and dance briefs. Many of these styles minimize lines under clothing with seamless designs and clear straps that can be worn in tank, criss cross, or halter styles. Dance briefs are great items to wear under dance dresses, skirts, cheerleading outfits, or dance team outfits. Unitards, body tights, and body liners are desirable under tight clothing because they do not have elastic waistbands that leave a line across the stomachs of dancers.

Dance warm-ups include any clothing items that keep muscles warm, such as leg warmers, pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and warm pants. Warm-ups are typically worn over dance outfits and are taken off as dancers become warm or develop a comfortable body temperature. Many of these items are made from insulating materials such as wool, acrylic, and nylon. Warm-ups are important items for dancers because they prevent injuries by keeping muscles warm while dancers are increasing their body temperatures.

Brands of Dance Wear

The most well-known brands of dance clothing include Capezio, Danskin, Bloch, Leo's, and Body Wrappers. Capezio and Danskin have existed since the late 1800s and they also make fantastic collections of shoes for dancers. Many other dance companies provide dance clothing, shoes, accessories, and warm-ups for individual dancers and dance teams. Some of these companies include Eurotard, Mirella, Bal Togs, Bunheads, Frontline, Gaynor Minden, Freed, Sansha, and Grishko. Dancers can find dance apparel and related items in dance wear stores and for discounted prices online.

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