Exercise Wear

Written by Jill Morrison
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Exercise wear includes any clothing items that can be used for sports, running, aerobics, lifting weights, and for dancing. Certain types of sports may have specific styles of clothing designed for the sport. For example, ballerinas are required to wear a black leotard and pink tights for every ballet class. However, most styles of exercise apparel can be used for a variety of sports and exercise activities.

Options of Exercise Wear

Exercise wear is typically form fitting to prevent clothing from shifting and rubbing uncomfortably on skin. Many brands of exercise clothing use advanced fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, while keeping muscles warm. Some fabrics will also allow sweat to escape through the fabric, rather than trapping it between the fabric and your skin.

Types of exercise apparel include sports tops, sports bras, tank tops, short sleeve tops, capri pants, dance pants, wide leg pants, spandex pants, shorts, briefs, socks, leotards, tights, leg warmers, jackets, and warm-up outfits. It is a good idea to layer exercise clothing when you begin any type of exercise. As your body and muscles warm-up through exercise, you can take off clothing layers. Keeping your body warm with clothing through the warm-up phase will prevent injuries from occurring.

When you purchase certain types of exercise wear, you will also need to focus on purchasing a good pair of shoes for exercising. Depending on the type of sport you are participating in, your choice in shoes can be crucial to the effectiveness of your performance. Each sport has specific options available in protective yet comfortable shoes.

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