Leg Warmers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Leg warmers are designed to prevent dance injuries by warming up the legs and ankles. The most common situation for dancers to become injured is when their muscles are cold. Therefore, proper stretching, warming up the body, and wearing insulating materials can help dancers to prevent injuries from occurring.

Options with Leg Warmers for Dancers

Leg warmers are most commonly worn by ballerinas, but they may also be worn by jazz, lyrical jazz, character, and tap dancers. Many dancers will wear warm-up clothing while their bodies are getting warm, then they will take off these materials when muscles are completely warm. Some dancers who are prone to injury will keep warmers on their bodies the entire time that they are dancing.

Dancers can choose leg warmers that are short and simply warm the ankles, or warmers extend up to the top of the thigh. Children's warmers are most commonly available in 14 inch or 18 inch styles. Adults have options of warmer lengths anywhere between 12 inches and 48 inches. Some styles simply rest at the ankle while others have stirrups that reside under the foot. Some dance wear companies make jumpsuit warmers to provide warmth the upper body as well as the lower body.

Leg and body warmers are most commonly made from acrylic because it is highly effective as an insulating fabric. Some may be made from other materials such as wool, nylon, or Lycra. Most warmers are made in basic dance wear colors such as black, white, light pink, or theatrical pink. Some dance wear companies make printed warmers in different colors as well. Capezio and Body Wrappers are the most well-known and respected brands of warmers available for dancers.

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