College Souvenirs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Graduation is the perfect time to capitalize on college souvenirs. Whether you buy them as gifts or sell them as a retailer, the best time to do this, aside from the winter holidays, is during the graduation season. Most graduations happen between April and June.

Remember that graduates range in age, so let your college souvenirs be appropriate for different age groups. You can offer gifts ranging from plush toys and t-shirts to sophisticated work accessories like briefcases. Picture frames are also a college favorite, as every graduate will want to remember his or her college days with a photograph.

Who Likes College Souvenirs?

College souvenirs are not just for graduates, however. Younger siblings, parents, friends, and alumni are all attracted to items with college names and logos on them. Who doesn't want to remember their college days or be associated with a good school? Logo items, apparel, and desk accessories allow them to show their school spirit and pride.

If you are a retailer, remember to promote your merchandise before major events. Most colleges offer dances, mixers, cocktail parties, and fairs from time to time. This is a great time to sell souvenirs that are customized specifically for each event, so participants will have mementos of the occasion. Remember to contact schools well ahead of time to offer your souvenirs at these events.

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