Fleece Baby Hat

Written by Linda Alexander
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A fleece baby hat is another idea for a useful baby gift that will last through hand me downs to siblings. Fleece keeps babies warm, and it looks cute on them too! You can make your baby look like a trendy snowboarder, avid outdoors-baby, or simply look cute with a fleece baby hat decorated with pompoms in a jester style.

The Unanimously Pleasing Fleece Baby Hat

Outerwear that was once reserved for outdoor sports, fleece items have now gone mainstream. Moms and dads like it because it washes easily and keeps babies warm. Babies like it because it is comfortable, feels soft next to their skin, and doesn't itch like wool can.

You can personalize your fleece baby hat gift by having the baby's name embroidered in a contrasting color. Most retailers will do this for you at little or no extra cost. You can also have it screen printed onto the hat, but this doesn't work well with all types of fleece. It's best to go with something custom embroidered instead.

If you are not sure whether the baby will be a boy or girl, choose a neutral color like yellow or mint green. Or, skip the gender-specific colors altogether and choose bright red, orange, or purple instead. You could also buy a set of hats, one hat for every day of the week, each in a different color and style.

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