Fleece Jackets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Fleece jackets have become a fashion staple over the last few years. They are particularly popular with outdoor enthusiasts, although virtually everyone likes fleece jackets. They are comfortable and practical, warm and cozy, without being heavy or bulky.

Polyester fleece was first introduced to the market in the mid 1980s by Malden Mills in the USA and has grown in popularity ever since. It has also been improved consistently, so high quality fleece will not pill after repeated washings. Fleece jackets are so popular with winter sports enthusiasts because they are warm and also wick moisture away from the wearer.

Fleece Jackets and Other Garments

Fleece jackets are just one example of using fleece fabric. There are also cozy blankets, heat-retaining hats and gloves, leggings, jacket linings, dog beds, vests, sweatshirts, booties and pillows made from fleece. It's a great indoor fabric when used in blankets and booties, as well as a favorite among hikers, ice skaters, skiers and snowboarders.

Whenever you need cover from the weather, insulation and moisture wicking, fleece provides a perfect fit. Heavy coats often contain fleece inner layers sewn or zipped into them. Or, you can layer a light fleece jacket under your coat, as you would have done with a sweater years ago. Stay both warm and dry with this lightweight fabric.

If you want to sew your own fleece jackets, there are a few things to look for when purchasing high quality fleece. "Bad" fleece pills; as a general rule you get what you pay for. Higher priced fleece is usually higher in quality and resists stretching and pilling even after repeated washings and long wear.

Poor Quality in Fleece Jackets and Clothing

With poor quality fleece, the fibers lie against the surface rather than standing up. They continue to roll up with each other and lie against the surface, forming balls, or pills. Better fleece manufacturing methods have reduced this tendency so it clusters differently.

High quality fleece has a velour finish, even in textured fleeces. The correct side is thicker and has a more obvious finish while the wrong side, worn inside of the article of clothing, does not. Double-sided fleece is reversible, while single sided fleece is only sheared on one side and you can easily tell the wrong side.

If you are familiar with fabric, you can quickly learn to tell the difference between fleece qualities. In good fleece, there is a real substance to it, while lower quality fleeces will feel rougher, more like acrylic. Keep these tips in mind when you purchase fleece jackets, and they will last you for years to come!

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