Fleece Pullovers

Written by Linda Alexander
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Layering items you shouldn't be without in winter include fleece pullovers, pants, and gloves. Using fleece as an insulating layer under your heavier outdoor wear is a smart idea. Not only is it lightweight and less bulky than some other fabrics, but fleece also wicks moisture. So you will be toasty warm as well as dry no matter what sport you participate in.

Trendy Fleece Pullovers

Fleece pullovers used to be trendy among avid outdoors enthusiasts like skiers and snowboarders. Fleece has quickly become popular though, because of its versatility, good looks, durability, and low cost. Nowadays, fleece pullovers are highly fashionable among just about everyone, including senior citizens, high school students, and babies.

Of course, fleece pullovers aren't the only layering garment to consider. Hats, gloves, and scarves all come in fleece, in different weights, textures, and a myriad of colors. You can also find fleece blankets for your bed, to use as a sofa throw, or simply to add a spot of color to your decor.

Layering your clothing is one of the best ways to keep warm in winter. Whether you wear fleece as an insulating layer for outdoor winter sports, or as an outer layer during spring and fall, you will find it to be a comfortable and versatile fabric. Before long, you will wish that every layer could be fleece!

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