Leopard Print Blanket

Written by Linda Alexander
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Using a leopard print blanket as a decorating aid is an inexpensive and innovative way to add flair to your home's fashion. Whether you choose leopard print, zebra stripes, or any other print, decorating with blankets will add zing to your living space and is functional too! No longer reserved for the bed, blankets can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or even on the walls.

Places to Use a Leopard Print Blanket in Decorating

You can take a small leopard print blanket and drape it over the corner of a sofa or armchair. You could fold it horizontally at the bottom of your bed, showing it off, instead of hiding it under your sheets and comforters. Or, you can fold it partially, showing off the design, and lay it over the back of your sofa.

You can use a leopard print blanket as a tablecloth too. If it's made of a lighweight fabric like fleece, nobody will even know it is not a tablecloth! Drape it over a chest, under a tabletop display of photo frames, or as a colorful covering for your tv stand. It's a great accent piece and will blend in nicely with a decor of similar colors.

If you want to be really different, consider using your blanket as an accent rug. If you use it on a smooth floor like hardwood or tile, be sure to put gripping material under it, so you don't slip on the blanket. If you use it on a carpeted surface, that's all you need to do. Layer it under your coffee table or end tables, and you have a way to brighten up a dull room and update your decorating for very little cost.

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