Allen Edmonds Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Allen Edmonds shoes are some of the finest leather shoes on the market. The company has a long history of creating quality, hand-crafted shoes of the highest quality, and they export their products all around the world. Allen Edmonds shoes are available in both dress and casual styles, and are appropriate for any occasion.

Making Allen Edmonds Shoes

Only the highest grade leather is used in making Allen Edmonds shoes. The leather is cut specifically to obtain the tightest possible grain, and to avoid any imperfections. Allen Edmonds shoes are also unique in that their interiors are also made completely of leather. Many manufacturers use synthetic materials on the inside of their shoes, but not Allen Edmonds.

Another benefit of Allen Edmonds shoes is their cork lining. Between the insoles and the outsoles, the shoes contain a thin layer of cork that is able to conform to the shape of your foot. When you first wear a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, your foot creates an impression in the cork that lasts the life of the shoe. This impression makes the shoe feel like it was custom-made for your foot, allowing for the maximum possible comfort level.

Many Allen Edmonds shoes are also made with leather sole. This gives the heel of the shoes a great deal of flexibility while you walk. Allen Edmonds also offers what they call "Vibram soles," which are water-resistant and are useful for people who do a heavy amount of walking in inclement conditions.

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