Athletic Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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These days, athletic shoes are often more a fashion statement than an actual athletic necessity. But the fact is, for performance on the track or on the field, a good pair of athletic shoes is crucial. When you're picking out the right pair of athletic shoes, there are a few things you should always keep in mind to ensure that you are protecting your body and allowing for the best possible performance.

Hints for Choosing Athletic Shoes

It's a good idea to try on new athletic shoes when your feet are warm, for instance at the end of the day, or after you have gone for a run or a long walk. When your feet are warm and filled with blood, they are at their largest size. Since you need a pair of shoes that will accommodate this increased size, you want to make sure that they fit when your feet are at their largest.

When you are trying on a new pair of athletic shoes, make sure that you can wiggle all of your toes. If you can't, the shoes are probably a bit too small. You want to avoid this because of the increased likelihood of breaking a toe, or causing a damaged or bruised toenail. Also make sure you are wearing the type of socks that you will wear when you are exercising. Unusually thin or thick socks will give you distorted view of the size of the new sneakers.

Modern athletic shoes don't have a break-in period. In other words, when you try on a new pair of sneakers, they should feel great right away. They are made to perform out of the box, so feel free to wander around the store (and even run a few laps if no one is looking) to make sure that you are happy with how they feel. If the shoes don't feel good in the store, they aren't going to feel good when you're out there on the field.

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