Bacco Bucci Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Bacco Bucci shoes are specially designed comfort shoes, but this doesn't mean they are anything less than cutting-edge hip. The company prides itself on producing high quality shoes that are customizable, comfortable, and fashionable. They offer a wide variety of dress and casual styles, and most of their shoes contain special XACT Fit soles that allow you to change the width and flexibility of your shoes to suit your needs.

Bacco Bucci Styles

Bacco Bucci shoes are available in several casual styles. Each of their casual shoes are made of fine Italian leather, in colors ranging from light tan to jet black. Casual Bacco Bucci shoes are characterized by sleek, modern styling, and are every bit the designer shoe you're looking for. They offer several laced styles that look like hip leather sneakers, as well as more traditional leather boots, and open breathable leather sandals.

In addition to the casual line, Bacco Bucci shoes are available in several dress styles. Their dress shoes match the sleek leather casual line, and are the perfect accent to a fine Italian suit. Bacco Bucci offers two other lines as well: dress casual and contemporary.

All Bacco Bucci shoes are made with Italian leather. They are available in American men's sizes seven through 17. Most of them contain the patented XACT fit system, which allows for the customization of the insole for wider or smaller feet. When buying a pair of fine casual or dress shoes, you therefore don't have to sacrifice comfort.

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