Bacco Bucci Shoes

Written by Fenella Basilio
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Bacco Bucci shoes are beautifully designed, Italian made shoes for men and women. Calfskin leather makes these shoes sumptuous. Quality design, including rubber plugs, makes them comfortable. The shoes are very slick and stylish while still being understated.

Some Bacco Bucci shoes are made with rubber soles, but their dressier shoes are made with leather soles with rubber supports. This unique combination makes Bacco Bucci shoes singularly stylish yet comfortable. Although the lines are clean and modern, the basic design is classic. If you buy a Bacco Bucci shoe, you can expect to wear it for years to come. This is not a trendy brand that will look conspicuously out of fashion by next year.

Bacco Bucci Shoes as Gifts

Well-made shoes make wonderful gifts. They're an especially appropriate gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. If you're tired of your husband's sad looking old shoes, stop complaining and buy him something stylish. If he's anything like the majority of male friends in my life, he'll be perfectly content to put on whatever shoes you set in front of him.

In other words, this can be a great gift for him, and a great gift for you. He'll get comfortable, quality shoes, and a number of compliments. The compliments may surprise him--my brother's girlfriend recently bought him a pair of cool Bacco Buccis, and he was shocked by the number of compliments he got on them. I don't think my brother even realized people look at one another's feet! His girlfriend also gave herself a gift when she gave him those shoes--a boyfriend who looks fashionable and cool.

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