Beautifeel Shoes

Written by Fenella Basilio
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Women have always been willing to endure a little suffering for the sake of beauty. Two hundred years ago, that meant lacing your corset so tight you were apt to faint from lack of oxygen. Forty years ago, it meant dull hours spent sitting beneath hair dryers or ratting your bouffant with a plastic comb. Today, suffering for beauty usually means walking around in a pair of ridiculously uncomfortable shoes.

Shoes: Style or Sense?

Unfortunately, toying with one's feet is a dangerous game. The feet are extremely sensitive, with a great number of nerve endings. The feet are also intimately connected with every other part of the body. In fact, in a massage technique known as reflexology, the feet are massaged as a way to treat every organ and system of the body. If you're going to mess with a part of your body, the feet are a lousy choice!

Some designers are beginning to take exception to the notion that only ugly shoes are comfortable. Designers have begun producing genuinely gorgeous shoes that are as comfortable as those terrible shoes your mom wears. For instance, companies like Beautifeel are making fantastic ballet flats with high foam insoles.

These insoles are designed to "remember" the shape of your foot. Have you ever rested your head or body on one of those "memory" pillows or beds? Like Beautifeel shoes, they accept the shape of your body, adjusting to it while still supporting it completely. If you want to check out Beautifeel shoes for yourself, look online. Many women are impressed with just how beautiful these Beautifeels really are.

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