Born Women's Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Born women's shoes feature classic looks tossed with a few modern touches. A lot of different ingredients go into making a shoe, and the folks at Born have been careful to choose the right materials and combine them in a tasteful manner. These shoes are designed to last long enough to become classics themselves.

One great example of the innovative thinking that goes into making Born women's shoes is the Oakmonte boot. This shoe is modeled after the riding boots of yore. These boots are meant not only for equestrian events, but for any sort of gathering that calls for a show-stopping shoe.

The Oakmonte looks like all business at first glance. Its height is displayed to great effect by the lacing system that runs all the way up the front of the boot. On the bottom, though, one finds a whimsical addition to this solid shoe. A horse and rider are depicted on the sole, accompanied by a horseshoe figure on the heel.

Born Women's Shoes: Built to Last

Such whimsy might seem misguided on a lesser shoe; after all, funky designs are often associated with cheap, ill-made footwear. Born women's shoes, however, are built with such impeccable craftsmanship that they can pull off such audacious details. The boots are sewn by hand, using a process that harks back to old-fashioned values.

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