Dansko Clogs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dansko clogs were originally designed as barn shoes in the 1980s. They developed into popular shoes for work and today, they are also worn leisurely. Their Danish clog was the first Dansko design to be patented. Dansko also makes sandals, shoes, and boots made from fine leathers in addition to clogs. Their footwear designs can be found in over 3,500 retail stores.

Options of Dansko Clogs

Dansko clogs are made from many different colors and textures of leathers. The most popular colors are white or black box leathers, cordovan (a deep red), and black or brown oiled leathers. You can also find clogs in colors such as brandy, sable, ruby, twilight, blueberry, butterscotch, honey, and olive. Most of Dansko's clog designs have an open heel and cover the front portion of the foot. Some clogs have optional heel straps as well.

The original and classic Dansko clog made for men is called Karl. Karl clogs have open backs and flexible bottoms for year-round comfort. They are available in black oiled or brown oiled leathers. The comparable female style is called Sonja. Sonja clogs are available in many additional colors, including blue, brown latigo, butterscotch, red, blueberry oiled, forest oiled, and burgundy oiled. Other classic styles of Dansko female clogs include Ingrid, Karina, Sybil, and Syd.

Dansko clogs are also available in sporty styles. These clog designs are comfortable, and are more easy to slip on and off. However, they are also designed to stay put during sports activities or while maneuvering through tough outdoor terrains. Denali is the most popular style of Dansko sport clogs, with people appreciated the style combined with comfort that is essential to their design.

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