Dansko Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Dansko shoes are the hip descendant of a very old tradition. The company name comes from the Danish words for "danish" (dansk) and "shoe" (sko), and in fact it was a pair of traditional stapled Danish clogs that inspired company founders Amanda Cabot and Peter Kjellerup to begin importing their own line of Danish clogs to the United States.

The History of Dansko Shoes

In the late 1980s, Cabot and Kjellerup (professional horse trainers at the time) made their fateful discovery: an incredibly versatile, comfortable, and sturdy pair of Danish clogs. They wore them for years and were amazed by the simple little clogs. So they bought the rights to import them to the U.S., and soon Dansko was selling clogs all over America.

Dansko has expanded substantially since their first offerings. They now have versatile men's and women's lines, and sell other types of shoes in addition to their staple product: stapled clogs. If you've ever worn a pair of Dansko shoes (or any traditional Danish clogs) you know how comfortable they are. This would surprise a lot of people based on the simple, hard construction of the clogs.

Dansko shoes are great for people who have to be on their feet a lot. They have become extremely popular with doctors and nurses--to the extent that they are almost standard issue in most American hospitals. But they are also great walking shoes; when you're wearing a pair of clogs, it seems like your feet never get tired. This is because the hard sole construction offers a great deal of support to your feet.

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