Dexter Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Dexter shoes have been on the market for over forty years. The brand was started in 1956 as a family-owned and operated company. The first shoes to bear the Dexter name were produced in 1959 and made for female bowlers.

Dexter, in fact, still makes bowling shoes. Dexter shoes are incredibly popular among professional bowlers. One of the reasons for such popularity is the attention for detail for which Dexter is known in the bowling world. Not every bowler needs the same attributes from a pair of shoes. That why Dexter makes sole and heel pads that generate different amounts of friction when slid along a bowling surface. A bowler can customize his or her shoes to achieve the degree of friction required, whether it be on the sticky or the slippery side.

Dexter Shoes: Beyond Bowling

Dexter makes more than just bowling shoes. Dexter shoes are meant to be flexible. These casuals are designed to look good when added to either a hip ensemble or a classic outfit. Not many shoes are quite so versatile.

Dexters are also chock-full of useful technologies that make shoes feel better. Innovations like Gel Cell and Dryz Moisture Management allow feet to remain comfortable and dry. Dexters, after all, need to be comfortable, since they are worn with so many different outfits!

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