Dr. Martens Boots

Written by Jill Morrison
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Boots are intriguing footwear to many Americans. Some purchase boots out of necessity for hiking, climbing, skiing, motorcycle riding, etc. Others choose boots as a fashion statement. For any reason, Dr. Martens boots are a wise and popular choice. With the well-known nickname of "docs," these boots are a cut above the rest.

History of Dr. Martens Boots

In 1945, Dr. Klaus Maertens injured his foot while skiing in Germany. He designed a shoe for himself with an air-cushioned sole using old rubber tires. He teamed up with an engineer and they developed the world's first heat-sealed, air-cushioned sole. After selling well in Germany, the shoes were brought to England to be used by British police force and postal workers. In 1960, the Dr. Martens 1460 boot was created. It became a classic, still purchased today by many who wish to express their individuality.

Dr. Martens boots have become an icon. They are available in a wide variety of styles and are often recommended by experts as a good quality hiking boot. Their Lace to Toe Hiker boot is very popular and highly regarded today. Trademarks of the brand are yellow stitching and two-toned sole edges. Loyal customers recognize the quality and innovative designs created by this manufacturer.

The greatest advantage of Dr. Martens boots is extraordinary comfort and fit. They have a unique sole that molds to your foot. At first, they feel stiff. But after a week or so, they mold and become extremely comfortable. "Docs" provide quality, style, and comfort while engaging in almost any outdoor activity.

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