Ecco Sandals

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Ecco sandals were introduced in 1994. The company had started business in the early 1960's but had yet to create a sandal style of shoe. In order to keep up with the demand and popularity of Teva sandals, this athletic shoe was born.

A Great Summer Shoe

Ecco sandals are the perfect shoe for summer-time, outdoor excursions. Completely water-resistant, these shoes can handle tough climates and conditions while remaining true to form. From sandy beaches to chlorine swimming pools, these sandals are considered the all-purpose summer shoe.

These sandals grew in popularity in the 90's but have since dropped in demand. Their long-lasting and durable materials prevent consumers from repeated purchases. Maybe all those sandals that were purchased a decade ago are still surviving without the need for replacement.

Searching for Ecco Sandals

The Ecco sandal may not be as easy to find as it was nearly ten years ago. If you are insistent on finding this type of sandal, rely on the internet for help. There you can surf through the inventory of hundreds of vendors to find the right pair.

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