Geox Footwear

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Geox footwear founder Mario Moretti Polegato never intended to sell shoes. Polegato, who was born near Treviso, Italy in the early 1950s, fully expected to go into the family business of wine-making. In fact, it was at a wine convention in Nevada that Polegato's life took a fateful turn.

While jogging in the extreme heat of the Nevada desert, Polegato was troubled by the uncomfortable heat building up in his shoes. He literally took matters into his own hands, by cutting a few holes in the bottom of his jogging shoes. What might have struck a less inventive person as a foolish idea struck Polegato as a breakthrough. He decided to go into business for himself, selling shoes with his clever, porous outer-soles.

Polegato's Breathing Shoe

Polegato's company, Geox, now specializes in footwear that breathes. Breathability helps keep the wearer's feet dry and comfortable. Breathability also regulates temperature. If you've ever endured hot, swollen feet, you know what a boon that is.

These shoes are widely available in their native Europe, but are not as easy to find in the U.S. If you'd like to look at or order Geox footwear, be sure to look online. There, you'll find the widest array of styles, and thorough descriptions to help you choose the best shoes for you. Be sure to check out the Euro Light for women, a gorgeous black moccasin with classic style.

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