Men's Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Men's shoes have undergone a rather incredible makeover in recent years. Many forget that there was a time when men's shoes were confined to two categories, dress shoes and sneakers. One pair of shoes for work and another for the gym were all that a guy needed to get through the day.

Nowadays, more and more men are taking an interest in quality shoes for all occasions. There is a good reason for this trend towards better-looking men's shoes, and that is the fact that more and more manufacturers have committed themselves to producing shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. After all, it's hard to go wrong with a shoe that can do it all.

Men's Shoes: Great Looks, Great Feel

Ever since Rockport introduced the first "walking shoe" in 1984, producers of men's shoes have been looking for ways to fuse the elements of form and function. A well-styled shoe is useless if it is too stiff or harsh to be worn with any frequency. Likewise, a comfortable shoe is much less useful when it doesn't look good enough to be worn on many occasions.

Many designers have taken what they know about athletic shoes and applied the same principles to dress and casual shoes. The result has been a hybrid shoe that is tough enough to go just about anywhere while still retaining a reserved, refined veneer. The real magic of these men's shoes is found on the inside, where technology reigns supreme.

How the Foot Works

Well-made shoes are all about feet--as well they should be. The foot is a complex part of the body. People pay little attention to the feet on average, ending their research with an estimate of their respective shoe sizes. The foot, though, is assigned one of the most difficult tasks of all when people begin to walk or run.

The feet aren't simply small hams that rest at the end of one's legs. They have many moving parts, and each of these parts must be treated properly. The feet absorb the impact of movement in many different ways. If they are supported inadequately, problems such as foot pain, knee pain, back pain, shin splits and corns can result.

Shoes That Support the Feet

Foot health is essential to the health of the lower body as a whole. Those who make men's shoes have realized this salient fact, and are now making all kinds of shoes that are great for feet. Even designers of women's shoes have gotten into the act, allowing women some alternatives to potentially damaging heels.

Many shoes for men and women now include features such as arch supports, increased cushioning, and heel cups, all of which lessen the shock felt by the foot when hitting the ground. Many manufacturers have also worked to make shoes more form-fitting, as shoes that move with the foot are more likely to support the foot. These advances have truly made buying a new pair of shoes a much more enjoyable experience, both for customers and their feet.

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