Mephisto Shoes

Written by Fenella Basilio
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When it comes to exercising safely and comfortably, it's important to have the right shoes. Golfers need their cleats, basketball players need their sneaks, and bowlers need their wacky two-tone shoes. Walkers are athletes, too. Even if you just like to walk around the neighborhood for half an hour after work every evening, you're an athlete. You don't have to be a professional or a competitor to take your sport and your health seriously.

Mephisto Walking Shoes

Quality shoes are crucial to walkers. The best walking shoes I have ever found are Mephisto shoes. If you've had trouble finding top-notch walking shoes, you might want to give them a try. Mephisto is quite possibly the most popular walking shoe in the world. A million and a half Mephistos are sold in Europe each and every year.

Mephisto successfully combines old-world craftsmanship with modern advances in design. For instance, Mephisto was the first company to introduce speed lacing. They also introduced insoles featuring technology to support air circulation. Comfort, durability, cushion and air flow are important qualities found in Mephisto shoes.

Surprisingly, these shoes are also hand-made. They are made entirely of natural products, such as leather and cork. These European shoes are more expensive than many other walking shoes, but they last forever. Their durability, comfort and quality makes them well worth their price.

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