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Written by Jessica Duquette
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In Need of Golf Shoes?

Mephisto shoes online also includes athletic footwear. For those of you who enjoy a round of golf every weekend but don't have the footwear to support your hobby, you may be in luck. Mephisto offers golf shoes for both men and women.

Greenday is the new line of golf shoe manufactured by Mephisto. If you've walked through 18 holes before you understand the importance of comfort in your shoes. Settling for second-rate equipment in order to save money isn't always the best decision.

Buying Mephisto Shoes Online

You can purchase Mephisto shoes online with only an internet browser and a major credit card. The Greenday line is custom built with the highest quality of materials ensuring longevity and durability. You can feel certain that your investment is well protected when you choose Mephisto.

Greenday golf shoes are manufactured to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout an entire day of golf. They are lined with Gortex to keep your toes insulated. These shoes are also guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, in case you end up diving for lost balls.

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