Merrell Women's Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Merrell women's shoes are made with great attention to detail with regard to the way in which women move. It's certainly no secret that women move differently than men, but many shoe manufacturers seem not to have caught on to this rather obvious dissimilarity. Women need shoes that support their feet in a different way, and Merrell has been at the forefront of the movement towards making shoes specifically suited to women.

Merrell women's shoes are outfitted with Q-Form technology. These shoes compensate for the alignment of a woman's hips and knees, an alignment which can cause a lot of shock when the foot hits the ground. By properly dissipating such shock, Merrell shoes positively affect all of the joints of the lower body.

Merrell Women's Shoes: Attention to Detail

Merrell women's shoes are, in fact, completely different from the men's line. Merrell has analyzed the ways in which the feet of the two genders differ. Women's feet are generally narrower than men's, and also tend to exhibit higher arches. Women's toes are longer when compared to the rest of the foot as a whole. Merrell, in what seems like an obvious move, incorporates such data into shoe designs.

Not every shoe manufacturer, however, pays attention to such differences. In fact, some shoe companies offer exactly the same shoes to both men and women, telling people how to convert the sizes for a proper "fit." Such cut corners would never be acceptable at Merrell, which is why women (and men) tend to like the shoes so much.

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