Online Shoe Stores

Written by Jill Morrison
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Online shoe stores allow you to purchase any brand of shoes from the comfort of your home or office. You can browse through selections on websites and compare prices, color options, styles, available sizes, and types of shoes that are available to purchase. Online shoe stores also typically offer much better deals on shoes than department stores or individual shoe stores.

Online shoe stores offer a variety of shoes that can be used for a variety of purposes. You may be looking for a good pair of hiking shoes, hiking boots, running shoes, or cross trainers if you are active in the outdoors. If you are looking for some cozy, casual shoes, you can browse through selections of slippers and soft slip-on shoes. Dress shoes are also available for men and women to wear for special or formal occasions.

The Difference between Men's and Women's Shoes

When you look in online shoe stores, you will notice that there are a few differences between men's and women's shoes for sale. The most obvious differences are the designs, styles, and colors of shoes. Women's shoes tend to be more colorful and may have more embellishments such as buckles, buttons, gems, long laces, glitter, and gold. Men's shoes tend to be designed classically with basic black or brown as the primary colors.

Certain styles of shoes are more available to men or to women. For instance, Timberland offers 99 styles of outdoor shoes for men and only 17 styles for women. This reveals that men are more likely to purchase outdoor, sporting, and hiking shoes than women. On the other hand, there are far more women's dress shoes available than men's dress shoes. Manganni has a few basic styles of men's dress shoes available, while Stuart Weitzman creates 300 new styles of women's dress shoes each year.

Hiking Shoes and Boots in Online Shoe Stores

Hiking shoes or boots are the most important item for a hiking trip. A bad pair of shoes can lead to slipping, sliding, skidding, falling, and injuries. Most hiking shoes also have a good amount of support to protect you from feeling any discomfort in your legs, feet, knees, back, shoulders, or neck. Hiking shoes and boots are well-known for their traction abilities, durability, protection, and comfort while hiking or climbing.

There are many different brands of outdoor shoes and hiking boots available. If you are worried about protecting your ankles during a hiking trip, you should choose to use hiking boots as opposed to hiking shoes. Hiking boots cover and protect the ankles. Some hiking shoes, such as Merrell shoes, offer advanced technology in their shoe designs. Merrell uses an anaconda strapping system that wraps around the foot for a snug fit and a custom shoe feel.

Finding Casual Shoes and Slippers from Online Shoe Stores

Many online shoe stores carry a variety of comfortable shoes for casual wear. Some of these shoes can be worn outdoors and for walking, while others are designed to be worn while lounging around at home. Hush Puppies and Minnetonka Moccasins are good examples of casual shoes that are extremely comfortable and also long-lasting. Both brands sell casual shoes that can be worn outdoors and comfortable indoor slippers as well.

Choosing Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are very important for creating a sophisticated and classy outfit. You may need to wear dress shoes for a variety of occasions, including for work, business meetings, dates, parties, formal events, and other special occasions. You will want to choose shoes that match or compliment the outfit you will be wearing when shopping at online shoe stores. For instance, you will want to wear black dress shoes, rather than brown, when you are wearing a black tuxedo. You can browse through colors and styles online to choose the best possible shoes for your outfit or occasion.

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