Written by Jessica Duquette
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Pikolinos began making shoes in 1984. Its founder and current president, D. Juan Peran struck out to make a comfortable and original style of shoe. He succeeded; and today the company can be found in more than 45 countries around the word.

Custom Processes

Pikolinos first focused on women's shoes. Men's designs didn't follow until a few years later in 1987. This company uses their own technique for tanning and coloring leather, making these shoes the most natural and beautiful in the entire world.

Pikolinos Spreads Internationally

The unrelenting dedication to craftsmanship helped internationalize the company in 1989. Their creations can be found through the United States and much of Europe. In addition to fine footwear, you can find handbags in selected stores.

To more easily locate this brand of shoe, log on to the internet. Hundreds of online shoe stores are offering a multitude of designer brands at affordable prices. If you haven't had any luck using traditional methods of shopping, consider moving your efforts to the internet.

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