Pikolinos Boots

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Pikolinos boots would earn the envy of the office fashion queen. She continuously comes into work with new designer clothing, shoes and accessories. It probably wouldn't bother you so much if she didn't spend half of her day bragging about it.

Splurging on a Dime

You know she doesn't make more money than you. So how can she afford these splurges on a regular basis? You racked your mind for months trying to figure it out.

Then, one day, you walked by her desk while she was out to lunch and there on her screen was an online discount designer store. You quickly glanced at the web address and then scurried back to your desk to do some investigatory work. What you found was astounding.

Where To Buy Pikolinos Boots

There in black and white were all of her most recent splurges. The BCBG pumps, the DKNY suit and the Pikolinos boots that you've been craving for months. The prices were a fraction of the retail tags you'd looked at last week. So this is how she manages to dress like a celebrity on a secretary's paycheck. Without hesitating, you order those new boots and look forward to her reaction.

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