Written by Jessica Duquette
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Made in Italy

Prevata is an Italian brand of shoe famous for stylish yet comfortable dress shoes. How many times have you put on a pair of beautiful shoes that pinched your toes or gave you blisters on the backs of your heels? If you are like the majority of fashion-conscious women, this has probably happened to you too many times to count.

Unfortunately we live in a society where fashion is a status symbol. Without the right clothing, jewelry or accessories people pass judgment on you. This pressure forces us to do idiotic things such has hobble around the office in uncomfortable shoes.

Only Prevata Makes Style Comfortable

Well you don't have to do that anymore. Prevata has come up with the ultimate way of incorporating comfort into the most stylish Italian dress shoes. Sandals, boots and professional shoes are all handcrafted ensuring an optimum level of comfort.

While these shoes may be a bit more expensive than your normal footwear purchases, I assure you it is worth it. You'll be able to wear these shoes to work and not once wince at the incessant pain in your feet. The comfort of these shoes will pay for themselves.

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