Rockport Men's Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Rockport men's shoes were a revelation when they were first released. While many companies have since jumped on the bandwagon, back in 1971 no one else was thinking about shoes and comfort in the same ways that the folks at Rockport were. They started a revolution in shoe design, and are still among the leaders in comfort technology today.

The company was started by a father-and-son team, Saul and Bruce Katz. These two didn't hit it big until 1985, but the shock waves from that year are still being felt in the shoe industry. 1985 marked the introduction of the ProWalker, a shoe which changed the ways in which people thought about footwear. The ProWalker was designed, above all else, to be comfortable, and to support the foot during activity.

The ProWalker got a lot of people walking for exercise, and those people just couldn't stop talking about how good their feet felt afterwards. The shoe was designed around a detailed study of the workings of the foot. Skeptics were soon converted once the laces were tied on these seminal Rockport men's shoes.

The Legacy of Rockport Men's Shoes

In today's market, many manufacturers make shores that are designed to be advantageous to the foot. Rockport men's shoes are still the top choice of many people who are looking for a shoe to aid their mobility. Rockport shoes have been all the way up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, so they are more than ready to stand up to anything any of us can dish out.

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