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Rockport Shoes

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Rockport Shoes have been around for quite a while. The company started in 1971 as a father and son team. Saul and Bruce Katz created the shoes and sold their very first pairs out of the back of their van. Rockport shoes were intended to combine the traditional shoe styling with the advanced technologies and materials of the day.

By 1985, the company had produced a specific walking shoe, the first biomechanically based shoe on the market. The company saw rapid expansion after the initial sixteen years. They began selling their products internationally in 1987 and by 1994, thirty countries had Rockport shoes pounding the pavement. One of the most innovative products that Rockport has designed is its boat shoe. It combines the technology used in the walking shoe with the performance standards of a boat shoe.

A Test 19,340 Feet High

Not long thereafter, Rockport introduced a new line of shoes. This line, made up of traditional footwear (boots, sandals, and Oxfords), was created to carry the walker through various types of terrain. Be it rugged mountains, city streets, sand, or a forest, this line was meant to perform in any condition. To prove their point, Rockport employees climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro in Rockport shoes in 1993.

1996 saw Rockport opening a few retail stores on the East Coast. They used the stores as a tool to test products and services that had not yet been mainstreamed. During the same year, their website was launched and gave web surfers a place to read about foot well-being while also learning about the company's products.

Rockport's New Millennium

In 2001, the company decided that due to their growth, they needed to move to a larger headquarters. The move placed them at Reebok International's world headquarters in Massachusetts. A change in location also meant new ideas. A new children's line of shoes was designed and introduced to consumers in 2002. The line contains traditional children's shoes to small-scale versions of adult Rockport shoes.

The company did not stop with children's shoes, however. Rockport introduced an upscale product line in 2003 that provided consumers with the choice of footbeds that best reflected how they wanted the interior environment of the shoe to feel. Not only were these choices available, but another difference in these products was their modern styling and leather options.

Technological advances produced yet another new shoe in 2004. Rockport began making shoes that could withstand wet conditions due to their waterproof sealants and leathers. The shoes were touted to be breathable, stylish, and comfortable even in the worst weather conditions. The most recent product to be introduced is a washable leather boat shoe that can be cleaned safely in soap and water.

Rockport shoes have kept their products up-to-date throughout their history as a company. Consistently, Rockports have been known for their comfort and support, but have more recently been recognized for their style. The father and son team that sold out of the back of a van could probably have never imagined that their shoes would become so well-known. Needless to say, the reputation of the company's products is what has driven their success.

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