Stuart Weitzman Shoes

Written by Jill Morrison
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Stuart Weitzman shoes are women's styles that can be purchased in major department stores, boutiques, and fine retail stores. Stuart Weitzman styles include pumps, slides, mules, stilettos, and other dressy women's shoes that are sometimes decorated with glitter, studs, and other ornaments. These shoes are very popular and can be seen on runways, red carpets, and during many other momentous events.

The Creation of Stuart Weitzman Shoes

Stuart Weitzman shoes were originally created by a man named Stuart Weitzman. He was inspired at the age of 20 to create his shoes designs mainly because his father was a successful shoe designer. His father, Seymour, added Stuart's first shoe design among his collection of shoes and it sold wonderfully. From that point on, Stuart Weitzman continued to design a variety of fine women's shoes and sold them under his name.

Stuart Weitzman is a master craftsman of shoes and has a real eye for beauty. He now creates over 300 new shoe styles each year. Stuart also designs a popular line of handbags that compliment his shoe designs. Stuart Weitzman has an incredible attention to detail and is known for using unique materials to design his shoes. These materials include vinyl, cork, wallpaper, Lucite, and even 24-karat gold.

Each pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes takes six to seven weeks of production time before it is completed. Over 80 craftsmen will work on each pair of shoes. The materials for these shoes are provided by nearly 200 suppliers in 14 different countries. The primary suppliers reside in the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, and Switzerland.

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