Sudini Boots

Written by Jill Morrison
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Sudini boots are high grade exported boots from Italy. Sudini offers a variety of boot styles in categories such as elegant, gem, equestrian, low heel, and classic designs. All of their boots feature removable orthotic insoles that provide arch support, flexibility, and shock resistance. Their unique construction also promotes healthy feet and minimizes foot fatigue.

Characteristics of Sudini Boots

Sudini boots were initially created in 1984 by Jay Sude. They were introduced to the American public in 1990. Americans were thrilled with their design because they were the first boots to combine comfort with cutting edge fashion. Before this time, comfort footwear was made to feel good rather than to look good. Sudini is now one of the largest exporters of high grade Italian boots.

Sudini boots are also unique because they are available in a variety of special sizes and widths. Therefore, people with abnormally large, small, wide, or narrow feet can find boots that feel comfortable on their feet. Americans were very happy to find comfortable and supportive shoes from Sudini that were also very stylish. Sudini footwear is now sold worldwide in specialty stores, department stores, and on websites.

Two popular Sudini boot styles include Diamond and Silver. Both of these styles are made from premium Italian leather and feature a flexible sole. Diamond is a tall boot with a fashionable heel and a side zipper. This style is available in black, chocolate, and camel. Silver is a fashion comfort bootie with a side zipper and an updated heel and toe construction. Silver style boots are available in camel, bordeaux, chocolate, and black.

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