Taryn Rose Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Taryn Rose shoes are the product of a woman with a vision. The woman's name is of course Taryn Rose, and her shoes have quickly found a niche in the competitive marketplace for women's shoes. Let's take a look at how they've managed to do this.

The Burgeoning Success of Taryn Rose Shoes

It's amazing to think that Taryn Rose shoes, as a brand, are only five years old. In that time, Rose has gone from a small boutique in Beverly Hills to a world-renowned shoe making company. But how did she do it?

The secret to Taryn Rose's success came with her successful combination of style and comfort. Any woman who has worn high heels for an entire workday knows the pain this fashion choice can lead to. Rose loved her heels, but she hated the pain. So she decided to develop fashionable women's shoes that were not only comfortable, but good for your feet. Taryn Rose shoes were born.

Since Rose had formal training as an orthopedic surgeon, she knew the problems that could be caused by footwear. But as a lover of classy women's shoes, she also knew something about design. Karen Rose shoes combine the finest materials and craftsmanship to create fashionable shoes that can be worn comfortably all day. It's no wonder they've been a success--in the early years of her business women used to travel thousand of miles to buy shoes from her little boutique.

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