Teva Sandals

Written by Jill Morrison
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Teva sandals were originally designed to wear while rafting in the Colorado rapids. Today the company has grown to provide a plethora of outdoor sandals, shoes, and boots that enhance performance levels for outdoor sports. In addition to providing support and protection, Teva footwear has a unique style and is quite comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Qualities of Teva Sandals

Teva sandals are available in designs for different types of outdoor sports. They are appropriate for water sports, such as rafting and kayaking. They are also appropriate for land activities such as hiking, trail running, and trekking. Tevas can be worn in different climates and conditions. However, you may want to choose closed-toe styles of Teva shoes as opposed to sandals for wear in extremely cold weather conditions.

The technology used for Teva sandals and shoes is quite remarkable. Teva's Wraptor technology is a strapping system that simultaneously secures the arch shank and the instep to the foot. This provides motion support and heel-to-forefoot stability. The Liquid Frame technology is another version of the Teva strapping system. This system has a continuous strap that covers the heel and forefoot in a light and supportive cradle.

Teva footwear uses thin, lightweight, and waterproof linings called Sympatex to keep feet dry and to allow them to breathe. The Outlast Temperature Regulation feature allows for the outlast materials to change form in order to adjust to the changing temperatures of bodies. This feature keeps feet at a constant temperature, rather than allowing them to overheat or to become too cool during certain outdoor activities.

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