Think Shoes

Written by Charles Peacock
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Think shoes can't be comfortable and fashionable at the same time? Then you haven't worn Think Shoes. A lot of thought goes into every pair of Think Shoes (pun intended), and the company prides itself on creating cutting-edge, stylish shoes that are leaders in the market. Here we'll examine the vision of Think Shoes to see what goes into every pair.

The Idea Behind Think Shoes

Surprisingly, Think Shoes was developed by a man whose family has been in the shoemaking business for nine generations. Why surprising? Because if you look at the lineup of Think Shoes, you'll see modern, boundary-pushing design that is anything but old-fashioned. Martin Koller, the president of Think Shoes, has applied his family's knowledge of building quality shoes with a keen sense of design.

Think shoes have quickly gone from a small brand in Upper Austria to a worldwide phenomenon. Most of this success is due to their outstanding design. A quick glance at the Think line reveals shoes that riff off of classical designs with a decidedly modern edge.

The women's line of Think Shoes ranges from heels to sandals, but each pair has a lovely, whimsical look. Reds are very popular in their women's shoes, and the majority of them are hand-crafted with fine leather. The men's line is also very classy and varied, with sneaker-type casual shoes, dressier black leather shoes, and even contemporary leather sandals.

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