Timberland Men's Shoes

Written by Jill Morrison
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There is a wide variety of Timberland men's shoes available. In fact, Timberland makes nearly 100 men's styles of boots, casual, and trendy shoes. Timberland shoes are primarily designed for frequent use in extreme outdoor conditions and terrains. The company began as the original waterproof leather boot company and developed into a large shoe company that also offers clothing and accessories.

Timberland Men's Shoes and Other Products

Many different categories of Timberland men's shoes are available to purchase. You can choose from boots, sandals, casual, hiking, sport utility, water, boat, office, and merge shoes for men. Some of the most popular styles include Echo Bay, Trail Pass, Mizzen-Fisherman, Trail Dog, Breakaway, Windstorm, Premium, Canard, Madison Summit, Park Trail, Chukka, and Express Hike Oxford.

In addition to Timberland men's shoes, Timberland offers a variety of men's clothing options. Men's outerwear materials include leather, waterproof, fleece, fabric, water-resistant, and insulated. You can purchase men's clothing items such as knit shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, vests, button-downs, pants, and shorts. All of the Timberland clothing is designed for casual or outdoor wear.

Timberland also offers a variety of accessories. You can purchase backpacks that match your Timberland clothing or shoes. You can also purchase gloves, belts, hats, shoelaces, socks, wallets, watches, umbrellas, or luggage. Just like Timberland shoes, these accessories are designed to accompany or protect you during outdoor excursions.

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