Ugg Shoes

Written by Kevin Little
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Ugg shoes went from the beach to the mainstream in what seems like no time. Of course, such a transition takes many years to fully gestate. Ugg shoes were first brought from Australia to the United States in 1978, but only recently have they been fully accepted into the culture.

The moment of acceptance probably came when actress Kate Hudson wore Ugg boots on a poster for a new movie. The poster and the Uggs were seen everywhere. Such recognition was a worthy tribute to the perseverance of Brian Smith, the surfer who first carried Ugg boots to the United States. Though interest was thin at first, Smith eventually latched on to a group of people who were very interested in his shoes, namely other surfers.

Ugg Shoes: Surf and Swagger

All Ugg shoes are made of Australian sheepskin, which provides warmth, flexibility and protection from the elements. The line of Ugg products has moved well beyond the beach to encompass every sort of venue where people might like to walk, run or hike. The brand is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

If you're wondering how to find Uggs in your area, try doing a search on the Internet. Many shoe stores put their inventory listings online for easy access to people all over the country. These stores also give people time to try on shoes for a period of time before deciding whether to keep or return them.

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