Best Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Everyone has their own personal thoughts on which flat iron they think is the best. As a matter of fact, if you perform a simple search on the Internet you will get a wealth of very different opinions. However, most beauty experts agree that the best flat irons are those with ceramic plates.

Ceramic conducts heat much better than the metal that most traditional flat irons are made of. This prevents the hair from being scorched or dried out. Also, ceramic is capable of emitting negative ions, a process that has been shown to have very positive results on hair.

My Personal Opinion

Indeed, everyone has their own opinion on which flat iron is the best, and I am no exception. I personally have the thickest hair that I know of. In fact, when I go to the salon and sit under the hood dryer, it takes approximately three hours for my hair to get completely dry.

Sometimes even after sitting under the dryer my stylist still has to blow dry my hair, prior to flat ironing it (if I want to wear it in a straight style, that is). Of course, that was before my stylist decided to invest in a CHI flat iron. I still have to sit under the dryer for an extended period, but at least now I don’t have to endure a separate blow-drying session.

Furthermore, with the CHI, my hair looks straighter and a lot longer than when straightened with a traditional flat iron. Plus, my hair repels humidity better and it looks silky and shiny. Finally, even though I do have a chemical relaxer on my hair, I have found that by using the CHI I can extend the time between touchups.

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