Cheerleader Hair Additions

Written by Beth Hrusch
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One way to show your team spirit is with cheerleader hair additions. These colored hair pieces clip into your own hair to add streaks of color just where you want it. You can choose from several fashion colors or create your own shade to match your school colors. Hair extensions are dyeable and can be cut and washed just like real hair.

Cheerleader Hair Additions Show School Spirit!

Hair pieces help you stand out and get everyone's attention. You and your squad can mix and match colors or work them into various hair styles for a fun look. They go great with ponytails and other hair accessories, too. Vibrant shades of pink, green, blue and red mix with your own color to give a highlighted look that can match your outfit perfectly.

Cheerleader hair additions are also easy to put in and remove. They hold securely through most cheerleading manuevers with a comb and clip system that snaps them in place. And they look so natural that most people will think you had your hair dyed to get that effect. These hair pieces can be cut to fit your style, and are so affordable that you can get several and try out different lengths.

There is no need to deal with messy dyes or spray paint with cheerleader hair additions. You can get a more natural look that's easier to do and holds up much better through practices and games. Hair extensions show your spirit and inspire others to show theirs. So, go online and see how easy it is to make yourself stand out from the crowd!

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School spirit in Hair Extensions

the perfect way to express the school team with colored clip in hair extensions. There are different colors of hair extensions available price starting from $3/piece. They are very simple to use!
They are Cut to length 16" and 1" wide. Its 100% human hair.
Here are few team

Go Gator! with Orange & Blue
FSU - Red & Golden Yellow
USF Bulls - Green & Yellow / Green & Black / Green & Blue / Purple & Yellow.

Mix and Match your selection to get a custom look for your School!

Do ask for Quantity discounts for bulk order!