Chi Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Farouk Systems, Inc. the manufacturer of the popular CHI flat irons offers a complete product line for all your hairstyling needs. In particular, they are now offering the new CHI Turbo Ceramic Hairstyling Irons specifically designed to straighten, curl, crimp, or flip any type of hair. The three available models are the seven-inch Mini CHI Turbo, one inch Regular CHI Turbo, and two inch Big CHI Turbo.

The new CHI Turbo flat iron has several subtle differences from the original model. First of all it has a new easy-to-grip handle. Moreover, it now comes with red felt tips on the top of the ceramic plates, making the iron easier to hold when hot.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the Turbo CHI Flat Irons and the original models is the addition of an adjustable temperature control. The fixed temperature of the original CHI flat iron seemed to work rather well for people with thick, coarse, and curly locks. On the other hand, there were some complaints that the heat caused scorching and other damage to those with finer textured hair.

Worth the Investment

The CHI flat irons are covered by a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer, making them a relatively risk-free investment. It seems that the majority of people who use the CHI Turbo flat irons find them to be well worth the investment. One should keep in mind, however, that the majority of the iron's positive reviews have come from individuals who have very thick and wavy hair.

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