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Written by Kimberly Clark
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No doubt the most well known items in the CHI hair products line are its revolutionary CHI ceramic flat irons and blow dryers, so much so that the phrase “CHI hair products” has become virtually synonymous with hair straightening. Of course no matter how well designed a straightening device is, if it regularly exposes the hair to heat it can be somewhat damaging to your locks. Thus to achieve optimum results and to protect your hair from the heat, it is highly recommended that you also use some sort of thermal heat protectant solution and anti-frizz conditioning serum or cream on the hair prior to flat ironing it.

There are several brands of hair care products available on the market that adequately fit the bill. However CHI does offer its very own line of products to complement its popular straightening devices. These products strengthen and moisturize the hair while also providing proper balance to it.

The key ingredient in all off the products in the CHI hair care product line is silk protein. This substance contains seventeen out of the nineteen amino acids contained in human hair. Furthermore, studies have shown that the consistent use of products that contain silk protein can strengthen and improve the elasticity of the hair.

Items in the Line

The following are some of the items included in the CHI Transformation System hair care lines: Moisture Therapy Shampoo, Thermal Protective Treatment, Keratin Mist Leave In Strengthening Treatment and Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex. In addition, they offer products to color and enhance color-treated hair. Finally their newest hair product is the CHI Quick Smooth Relaxing System.

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This is a great product for anyone with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, it works

wonders!! my hair is like all three and its AMAZING! my hair is soo shiny and there is no frizz at all! My waves look gorgeous :) and it has a great hold but it doesnt weigh your hair down or anything! Its

soo touchable and beautiful!! A MUST-HAVE!! :)