Easy Hair Styles

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Looking for a way to achieve easy hair styles without spending a lot of time and cash? It's easy to do with colored hair extensions. These little pieces of hair are easily added to your own natural hair to extend the length and give you lots of exciting color options. Use them any time you want to give yourself a fun and easy instant makeover!

Easy Hair Styles With Extensions

Hair extensions can be incorporated into your existing style, or used to create a new one. Try placing a couple of streaks around your face for a salon look at a fraction of the price. Hair streaks placed evenly around the head creates a funky highlight effect. When tucked into your hair, they are a subtle contrasting accent.

An updo gives you a look that can be either elegant or athletic, depending on the accessories. You can insert your hair streaks then pull them into a ponytail or hair clip just as you would your own hair. Pull some of the streaks out to get a delicate highlight at the nape. Easy hair styles like these take just seconds to do and look much more dramatic when you include clip in highlights.

Hair extensions made of human hair give a natural-looking result that allows you to show off your streaks without worrying about them appearing synthetic or cheap. Dramatic and easy hair styles can be easily achieved in very little time and without the need for professional help. Hair extensions make it possible!

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