Flat Iron Comparisons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The Internet is full of useful as well as useless information on which flat irons are the best or worst ones to own. For every product that is currently on the market, there are supporters. Of course, there is always a flip side and, in this case, flat irons are no exception because they have their defamers too.

When comparing different flat irons, be sure you completely check out the product descriptions. As you conduct your research you will notice that some flat irons have adjustable temperature controllers, whereas others do not. This is particularly important to people with fine hair, because the default temperature may be too hot for this hair type.

Plate Size and Type

Another piece of information that you want to pay special attention to includes plate size and types. Wider plates are recommended for people with longer and thicker hair, because they will be able to cover more surface area in a shorter time period. The narrower plates are best suited for short hair or for use around the face and neck.

The plate types on the flat iron can also make a considerable difference. Studies have shown that ceramic plates are a lot healthier for the hair than metal plates. Plus, for added durability the plates on some flat irons are made out of a ceramic/tourmaline mix or sapphire.

Consumer Ratings and User Reviews

In addition to the specs, you will also want to research consumer ratings and user reviews. By doing this you will discover that some flat irons have ergonomic handles that are easy to hold, while others are equipped with those tricky to operate Marcel handles. You will also get an unbiased opinion on the type of hair your favorite flat iron works best for.

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